Golfzon Range X Leadbetter Academy Junior Summer Camps

Junior Golf Summer Camps

To offer the ultimate summer camp experience, we are collaborating with our partners at Golfzon Leadbetter Academy’s Crystal Springs location.

With over 40 years of experience and a proven track record of helping junior golfers, the Golfzon Leadbetter Academy is the pioneer and global leader in junior golf development. Nestled at Golfzon Leadbetter Academy within the scenic Crystal Springs Resort, New Jersey, our Elite Junior Camp for ages 10-18 offers unparalleled coaching led by PGA & LPGA Tour Coach, Sean Hogan.

Enhance this experience with our Golfzon Range by Leadbetter Data Analysis Camp Add-On in Little Ferry, NJ, where advanced training joins forces with a purpose-driven indoor practice facility featuring Golfzon GDR+ simulators and PuttView technology for an unmatched skill enhancement opportunity.

Join us for a transformative journey in golf and camaraderie this summer.

Data Analysis Add-On | Little Ferry, NJ


At our Data Analysis Camp Add-On at Golfzon Range, Little Ferry, NJ, juniors will elevate their skills through advanced Golfzon GDR+ simulators and PuttView technology, all under the expert guidance of Leadbetter Certified Instructors, building on the foundation laid at GLA Crystal Springs.

Dates & Times

The Data Analysis Camp Add-On will take place the weeks camp at Leadbetter Academy is not in-session.

July 15 – July 17
July 29 – July 31
August 12 – August 14
August 26 – August 28

10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Data Analysis

Personalized insights from advanced technology allow juniors to unlock a deeper understanding of their game, enabling precise improvements and accelerated development. This data-centric approach ensures every swing, putt, and strategy is optimized for peak performance, setting a new standard for golf training.

Elite Summer Camp | Crystal Springs, NJ


Golfzon Leadbetter Academy Junior Golf Summer Camps offer junior golfers aged 10-17 a unique immersion into golf, combining personalized coaching with a 6:1 student-to-coach ratio, to refine their skills and instill values like discipline and sportsmanship, ensuring both a memorable and enriching summer experience.

Dates & Times

Elite Junior Golf Camps take place every other week over 5 weeks. Camp hours for non-boarding students is 8:30 AM – 6:15 PM. Students who choose to enroll in boarding will participate in breakfast, evening activities, and dinner.

June 23 – June 28
July 7 – July 12
July 21 – July 26
August 4 – August 9
August 18 – August 23

Optional Overnight Boarding

Our Junior Golf Camps offer a welcoming and secure boarding environment, allowing students to foster friendships and camaraderie beyond the greens. With boarding facilities under the constant care of “house parents,” safety and a home-like atmosphere are assured 24/7.

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Elite Junior Golf Camps at Golfzon Leadbetter Academy are designed to provide players with a comprehensive learning experience. Our industry-leading camps are led by award winning golf instructor, Sean Hogan. For more details on camp, please click the button below or contact brian.lowenfeld@leadbetter.com

Golfzon Leadbetter Academy is located within the beautiful Crystal Springs Resort in Hardyston, New Jersey.

Details & Registration

Why Participate in Our Joint Camps?

  • Expert Instruction

    Guided by Leadbetter’s elite instructors and Master Instructor Sean Hogan, our camp offers personalized coaching to hone your golf skills, strategy, and mental resilience, aimed at unleashing your full potential.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum

    Our curriculum enriches every facet of a junior golfer’s skills, combining technical training, practical play, and competitive spirit with emphasis on sportsmanship and mental fortitude.

  • Premier Experience

    Enjoy a premier golf camp experience with a 6:1 student-to-coach ratio for tailored improvement, set in the Northeast’s finest resort, complete with top-notch facilities and access to five award-winning golf courses.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology

    Experience the future of indoor golf at Golfzon Range, Little Ferry, NJ, with our advanced GDR+ software and interactive PuttView technology across 22 practice bays.

  • Guided Instruction

    Leadbetter Certified Instructors offer targeted training, helping juniors refine their swing based on insights gained at Leadbetter Academy. Our expert coaches leverage their extensive knowledge and experience, blending traditional techniques and innovative strategies.

  • Understand Your Swing

    Our technology allows precise analysis and enhancement of your swing for improved consistency and effectiveness. Coaches will help players understand their swing improvements through our technology.

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