Holiday Gift Guide

🎄 Give the gift of golf 🎄

We may not be able to gift better scores but we can help get your golfer on the right path (pun intended)! We’ve found the perfect gift for every golfer in the family – from training aids to retreats to gift cards for the impossible to buy for.

The Boomerang

BEST FOR: Everyone

The most versatile training on and the best seller in Lead’s collection. The Boomerang is an invaluable training aid for every golfer. The Boomerang is placed under the right or left arm to ensure connectivity throughout the golf swing. The Boomerang can also be used for putting and chipping.

SHOP NOW | Boomerang $29.99

Leadbetter Glove

BEST FOR: Beginner/Intermediate Players

Leadbetter maintains that most faults in the golf swing can be traced back to the grip, so much so that he created a glove to show players exactly where to place the club in their palm. Multiple indicators help golfers take the correct grip every time. And it is approved by the USGA for use in competition.

SHOP NOW | Leadbetter Glove $29.99

Putting Bar

BEST FOR: The three-putter in your life

Many missed putts come with excess hand and arm action resulting in a poor stroke, distance, and direction. The Putting Bar is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably across the chest to maintain the connection between the arms and torso which quiets the hands and produces a more efficient putting stroke.

SHOP NOW | Putting Bar $39.99

Online Lesson

BEST FOR: Everyone

The simplest way to play better golf is to determine the cause. An LGA Instructor will conduct a full video swing analysis, highlighting key areas of improvement detailing next steps and you will receive drills prescribed by your instructor to work on the highlight areas. A simple process that delivers big results.

SHOP NOW | Online Lesson $75.00

The SHORT Club

BEST FOR: The Workaholic, Golf Addict

The Short Club is perfect for an indoor mid-conference call practice session. About half the size of a standard iron, the Short Club provides the same look and feel need to get those extra reps in the office or during those winter months when space is restricted. The Short Club provides a standard-size grip.

SHOP NOW | The Short Club $49.99

Leadbetter Gift Card

BEST FOR: The golfer who has everything!

Gift cards are available in $20, $30, $50, $100, and $200 denominations so you will be sure to please the golfer in need! Gift cards can be used for any training aid purchases or online lessons. In-person lessons do not apply, please contact your nearest Leadbetter Golf Academy for location-specific gift cards!


PAYNTR X 001 F Golf Shoes

BEST FOR: The golfer who appreciates style & comfort

Holistic comfort and performance traction built for the biomechanics of the golf swing. This lightweight shoe provides three-dimensional traction to give your swing better control and the ability to harness vertical ground forces. Receive 20% off with code LGA20OFF


Retreat @ LGA Championsgate

BEST FOR: Players seeking the ultimate golf getaway

Our most luxurious gift on the list for those who are extra nice! A golf retreat at LGA ChampionsGate is deserving of a WOW on Christmas morning. Treat your loved ones to a private or semi-private retreat where they will receive the best in instruction with a personally customized retreat that targets every area of game improvement including mental, physical, and technical aspects.

+1 (407) 787-3330



BEST FOR: Everyone

All golfers can benefit from the Theragun PRO, no matter their age or fitness level. Theragun preps and primes the body for golf and offers relief after the round so you can warm up and recover better than ever. Can be used for golf or before/after any gym session. Check out our Instagram to see golf-specific exercises with the Theragun that provide extra range of motion and muscle relief.

*Originally $599

SHOP NOW | Theragun PRO $399

Rapsodo MLM

Rapsodo user interface

BEST FOR: Analytic Golfer

Track and monitor your practice sessions with the immediate feedback of the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor. Instantly get video analysis of every swing, complete with real-time shot data and tracking you can store and analyze at any time. You can even compete with fellow golfers and share your great shots.

Purchase your Rapsodo MLM from the Leadbetter website and receive a free online golf lesson.

SHOP NOW | Rapsodo MLM $500