Premium Online Coaching


The New Standard for Online Coaching

Utilizing the latest technology, the Leadbetter academy will provide the highest quality technical lesson as well as a holistic approach to improving all facets of your golf game. Our $2700 premium package is an 8-week program that will train, educate and improve you in the 4 key areas: technical, physical, performance, and mental

  • Develop a long-term improvement plan with an invested instructor
  • Discover a holistic approach to game-improvement
  • Work with world-class professionals in every aspect of the game
  • Utilize the latest technology

What You'll Receive

Daily contact from a world class instructor

Individual training space on the Leadbetter APP

A team of specialists working together to help you achieve your goals

Personalized practice and training programs

Free training aid

Technical Process

Physical Process

Performance Process

Mental Process

Your Team

Golf Fitness Specialist

With the help of a Golf Fitness Specialist, you will complete an eight-week physical fitness program with the focus of improving your golf swing and overall health and wellness. The Golf Fitness specialist will conduct an initial assessment and then tailor the program based on your goals, time availability, swing tendencies and physical limitations.

Performance Specialist

The Golf Psychology Specialist will help you identify areas of improvement in your mental approach. This is a highly customizable area as no two golfers think alike! Work through solutions with your specialist and pick up tools to help you later on.