Indoor Golf's Most Awarded Simulator

Golfzon is a bestselling, global golf simulator company. Golfzon has received the Golf Digest Editors’ Choice Award from 2017-2021 for best golf simulator in premium and luxury categories.

Golfzon Technology

Golfzon Driving Range (GDR)

Our GDR software helps you get the most out of every practice session and focus on the technical aspect of your swing by providing performance data like ball flight, swing capture, posture adjustment and clubhead speed.


With Golfzon’s Auto-Tee, get more out of your practice time and never pick up a ball again.

High-Speed Camera Sensors

Advanced high-speed cameras precisely capture ball characteristics during launch, allowing for an accurate simulation of the entire trajectory, including shots in short game scenarios and putting

Gameplay and Game Improvement

Engage in a truly immersive golf experience with Golfzon’s tri-layer course mapping process, meticulously designed to capture every inch of the golf course. Access 30+ world famous golf courses or play on our 5 different practice modes that allow you the chance to enhance your course management and technical skills. GDR technology provides you with the most realistic and engaging practice environment.

"I think simulator golf is a wonderful way to play and learn the game. It is incredible how realistic simulator golf is now, to the point where Golfzon, in particular, has the ability to change lies where in the past it was hitting balls off a mat."
David Leadbetter - World-Renowned Golf Instructor
"The Range is a place for everyone, golfers and non-golfers alike who want to practice and improve, with lessons available when they need it."
Ben Riches, CEO - Golfzon Leadbetter
"My experience visiting the Golfzon Range by Leadbetter was astounding. The technology is unparalleled. Hitting a bucket at the range is a thing of the past. Golfzon has 20 simulator bays, championship courses to play and moveable swing plates with various hitting surfaces."
Dara D
"This is a phenomenal golf facility! The instructors are world-class! The technology is unmatched! The environment is unparalleled! If you are a golfer in the Little Ferry area, this is a must-go-to facility!!"
That Guy

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