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A brand new concept in indoor golf training located in Little Ferry, NJ and OPEN NOW in Westbury, NY, offering a blend of self-learning, live instruction and unlimited range time. In our community everyone can be a better golfer.

It is a great way to be able to play golf in a short space of time. As we know, time is a very big issue in this day and age, so people have the ability now to be able to play within an hour with friends.
David Leadbetter - World-Renowned Golf Instructor
“I now can work on my game no matter the outside conditions with real-time feedback from their impressive engineering system. Even though I’m playing golf inside, Golfzon allows me to play my game and swing my swing with precision any time of the day.”
Matthew Wolff - PGA Tour Player
“When preparing for Long Drive competitions, I’m a big fan of being able to see my numbers and not focus so much on the flight of the ball, but see what it’s doing and how it’s reacting.”
Chad Cesarz - Long Drive Champion
"The Range is a place for everyone, golfers and non-golfers alike who want to practice and improve, with lessons available when they need it."
Ben Riches, CEO - Golfzon Leadbetter
"I think simulator golf is a wonderful way to play and learn the game. It is incredible how realistic simulator golf is now, to the point where Golfzon, in particular, has the ability to change lies where in the past it was hitting balls off a mat."
David Leadbetter - World-Renowned Golf Instructor

Technology that powers unreal indoor golf

Whether you’re playing a round at a world-famous golf course, working on your game or competing in a virtual golf tournament, Golfzon’s award-winning and best-in-class-software has you covered.

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