Fitness & Performance

Leadbetter Fitness & Performance programs are designed to help you move better, play longer and stay healthier.

Program Overview

Leadbetter Fitness & Performance programs are designed to help you move better, play longer and stay healthier. Our holistic approach to fitness aims to identify a single root problem—often limited hip mobility—that can resolve all other physical ailments or limitations.

All training programs begin with an extensive screening to identify weaknesses, imbalances and misalignments in the body. A personalized program is then built for you, aimed at correcting any issues found and increasing strength, stability and mobility throughout the body.

Whether you’re interested in a single corrective session or a long-term training plan, online options are available so you can continue training wherever you are.

Screening Options

The Athlete

For competitive athletes and fitness buffs

An in-depth assessment of golf-specific movements. Includes a video recording of the session and a personalized training plan.

$225 for 90-minute screening
In-person screening only

The Weekend Warrior

For golfers of all ages and skill levels

Our entry-level fitness screening. We test basic range of motion and movement patterns for limitations and recommend exercises to combat any ailments or limitations. Can be done online.

$70 for 30-minute screening
In-person or online screening

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