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Golfzon Range will be hosting the last indoor Golfzon Leadbetter Junior Tournament at Golfzon Range by Leadbetter in Little Ferry, NJ. This will be a series of tournaments in New Jersey that will be played throughout the whole year, with our second indoor tournament this March! We encourage players to play our tournaments for competitive spirits and great sportsmanship on the course!

Tournament Information


Our indoor Leadbetter Junior Tournament will take place on Sunday, March 3rd. Morning flight tee times begin at 10 am. Afternoon flight tee times begin at 2 pm. Emails will be sent in advance to participants with the tee time schedule.


The Leadbetter Junior Tournament will take place at Golfzon Range by Leadbetter in Little Ferry, NJ. Players will be in groups of 4 at each bay on Vision Plus Software,


Leadbetter Junior Tournament will be limited to the first 48 players. By limiting our tournament to 48 players, we can ensure a more personalized and enjoyable experience for each participant.

* For our indoor tournament at Golfzon Range by Leadbetter, members fee is $20 and non-members fee is $40. For further information, email ian.g@golfzonrange.com

Why Join The Leadbetter Junior Tournament Series?

  • Memorable Tournament Experiences

    From the exhilaration of that perfect swing to the final putt, our tournaments are designed to create unforgettable moments that will last a lifetime.

  • Friendly Competition

    Engage in lively matches with fellow junior golfers, fostering a healthy sense of competition. Participants have the opportunity to refine their techniques, develop strategic thinking, and build resilience.

  • Sportsmanship

    Embodying the true spirit of the game, sportsmanship is at the heart of every Leadbetter Junior Tournament. We instill values of integrity, respect, and courtesy in every junior golfer.

  • Learning Environment

    Our Leadbetter Junior Tournaments provide an environment for players to challenge themselves, learn from each other, and grow in skill, all while enjoying the game.

  • Building Camaraderie

    Our tournaments are about forging lasting friendships. Young golfers come together to share experiences, stories, and a mutual passion for the sport. It’s a chance to build connections that extend beyond the golf course.

  • Golfzon Range By Leadbetter

    Players will receive a 5 Pack Range Card and 10% their next junior camp at Golfzon Range.

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