Little Ferry Instruction

View our instruction offerings and learn more about our instructors at Golfzon Range in Little Ferry, NJ.

Learn Golf Faster

We know the most effective way to improve at golf is to blend regular lessons with practice and feedback. Leadbetter instructors are trained to identify swing faults quickly so that golfers know what to improve and how to do it. With simple, clear instruction and state-of-the-art GDR simulators that provide real-time feedback and tracking, improvement is made faster and permanent.

Meet Our Instructors

Andy Brock, PGA

Director of Instruction

Kenny Jung

Leadbetter Certified Instructor

Joe Lee, PGA Associate

Golf Instructor

Sam Kang

Golf Instructor


Faults and Fixes- 1 Month

(1) Month Membership

(4) 30-minute private lessons


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Faults and Fixes- 3 Months

(3) Month Membership

(8) 30-minute private lessons


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Leadbetter Five

(5) Session Range Cards

(5) 30-minute Private Lessons



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Leadbetter Ten

(10) Session Range Cards

(10) 30-min Private Lessons



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Private Lessons

Swing Analysis


90-minute session

  • Playing assessment
  • 3D swing analysis
  • Movement screening
  • Putting assessment
  • Club check


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Single Lessions

1-on-1 with a Leadbetter Instructor trained to identify swing faults quickly and help correct them.

$80 30-minute session

$150 60-minute session

$80 Putting lesson


10-Pack Lessons

$700 10x 30-minute sessions ($100 savings)

$1,300 10x 60-minute sessions ($300 savings)

12-month expiration period 

Lessons with Grant Renegar

  • Special Guest Instructor from May 17 – May 21
  • Leadbetter Certified Instructor
  • Lead Instructor at Leadbetter Academy – Naples
  • 1 Hour Lesson: $200
  • 2 Hour Lesson: $350

Group Classes

Golfzon Range offers group classes for up to 6 players with a Leadbetter Instructor. Our GDR simulators are personalized so even in a group environment each golfer can learn at their own pace.

  • Classes held in a semi-private area
  • Great way to learn new skills
  • Chance to meet fellow golfers
  • Topics covering all aspects of the game

$50 per session | $450 for 10 session pack

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Golfzon Range-Leadbetter Juniors

For Juniors ages 11 & up seeking a Full Golf Development Program

Program Highlights

  • Individualized Development Programs with a 6:1 Student to Coach Ratio
  • Instruction from our team of top Leadbetter Coaches
  • World class golf training facility with latest technology including:
    • GDR+ Simulators w/ Hydraulic Moving Platform to simulate uneven outdoor lies.
    • Sportsbox AI 3D Swing Analysis.
    • Puttview technology to train read, line and speed.
    • Callaway Custom Club Fitting
  • Golf Fitness powered by the GOLFFOREVER Training System
  • On-Course Strategy and Mental Conditioning

Golfzon Range- Leadbetter Kids

For Juniors ages 6-10 seeking an Introductory Golf Program

Program Highlights

  • Introductory Instruction from our team of top Leadbetter Coaches in a safe, fun environment.
  • World class golf training facility with latest technology.
  • Follows the Leadbetter Kids curriculum developed by leading child development specialists.
  • Includes golf, movement exercises and life skills.
  • Kids will learn quickly so they’re ready to play on a golf course.
  • No experience or equipment necessary!