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Leadbetter Certified Instructor

Location: Little Ferry, NJ

Joe Lee emerges as our outstanding Korean-American golf instructor. With a lifelong passion for golf that ignited at the tender age of 5, Joe has embarked on a remarkable journey through the world of golf.

Joe’s accolades include participation in the prestigious First Tee Open, serving as the captain of his collegiate golf team, and acquiring certification as a golf professional through the USGTF and TPI. Joe is currently a PGA Associate and on path to becoming a PGA member. His dedication and expertise in golf instruction set him apart as a valuable addition to our team.

Joe’s reach extends beyond our doors, as he has coached Professionals, Top Amateur Golfers, Junior Golfers, and Beginners, making him well-rounded in his ability to help golfers of all levels. Notably, Brent Ito, a University of Michigan graduate from the class of 2020, has thrived under Joe’s mentorship, and he is currently making strides on the PGA Tour Latinoamérica as Joe’s former student.